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Monday, November 26, 2012


I went shopping with my friend on the Saturday after Black Friday.  I went in my wheelchair and we got to the mall early so there were no big crowds to contend with.   By the time we left the mall, that was changing.  All in all we spent a lovely, rather painless day shopping.  Of course, I spent more than I intended to.  I got an outfit and a sweater and a  new pillow and new sheets for my bed.  Today, (CyberMonday)  I finished up my Christmas shopping.  I am in good shape now for the holidays.

The worst part though is yet to come.


Yes, I confess, I'm a clutz when it comes to wrapping although I do have to say that working in a printshop and wrapping reams of paper did help me quite a bit in the flat box department. But change the shape and I'm lost.  I once had a friend who treated the wrapping like an act of love.  Her packages were so beautiful that it was sad to open them.  I suppose it really does add to the overall experience to make them a work of art but I don't feel very artistic when faced with a pile of presents and some rolls of paper....  I feel like running.

And now I'm thinking of the house.  It needs decoration.  Face it.  Christmas in an undecorated house has just got to be sad.  In years past my husband has told me not to decorate because it was a guarantee that I would get sick and be in the hospital and then come home all steroid-weak and it would be April before the decorations would get put away.  Last year my friend (the same one who took me shopping) said, "Phooey to that.  You need decorations."  And singlehandedly she put away the decour already out there and brought in the Christmas things.  And she put them all away again after Christmas too...

That, folks, is a true friend.

I cannot assume she will do the same this year so I need to have a plan to try to get it done.  Maybe if I "undecorate" on one day....and save bringing the Christmas stuff in for a day later I could do it.  I will definitely need help carrying in the crates though from the garage.  If I tried to do that I'd end up on a ventilator....Maybe if I undecorate this week sometime, my husband will carry stuff in on the weekend when he is off.

If not. There's always the emergency batphone call to my dad.  SOS:  a Decorating Emergency.  He will surely respond.  OOOOoohh
I've got it.
My dad is coming here to take me to the doc's on Thursday.
If I can undecorate before then then he can carry in the stuff on Thursday while he's here.

Why pray tell, am I sharing with you my preChristmas cogitations? I don't really know.  Probably because I started this blog post without a clear idea of where I was going with it. ...and got carried along with me on the sea of my thoughts.  Sorry folks.

I'll try to write a real blog post soon.  AS SOON as I have any REAL thoughts. I will write them down for you.

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