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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Smoothies; Plans and Deals

Today I am going to be foolhardy; brave.  My daughter and her love have recently moved into a third floor walkup in a Victorian house in a town two hours from here.  They only have a futon couch/bed and one not-so-comfortable chair in their living room.  That's fact #1.

Fact #2 is that I've been in a horrible flair for the past four days.....and I cannot even imagine what a day without my recliner and hospital bed will be like.  I know that it will be torture.  Even in my comfy room I've only eked out 3 hours of sleep in the past two nights

Fact #3 is that I'm going there to visit from today through Saturday.

I will definitely need my bipap and will be relying on an O2 tank rather than my condenser.  I'm praying that her teething kitten will not decide to chew on its hose because then I will be sunk....she says he chews on everything.

Night before last, I must have pulled my bipap off in my sleep (which I do fairly frequently)....and awoke suddenly feeling awful.  I felt like I had to swim from 3,000 ft to the surface without a tank.  I had an excruciating icepick like pain in my skull.  I felt sluggish and heavy.  I know now that I must have had a severe apnea event and my guess is that I was close to death.  Had God not shook me awake, I would not be here now writing this....It gave me an all new appreciation for my bipap.

So why am I, in the face of all this, going anyway?  Because I love my daughter and really want to see her new house.  Because I'm sick to death of sitting here in this bedroom.  Because I will get to go to malls and stores, my daughter and her guy are willing and patient enough to lug along my wheelchair and push me in it.

Also,....I recently (last night) learned about something I'd seen maybe once on a TV somewhere (not here 'cause I don't watch TV).  It's called the NutriBullet (0r Magic Bullet)....It's a combination of a high speed super-powered food processor and blender.  You put in veggies, fruit and things like nuts and flaxseed and it transforms them into liquid.....You put the veggies in WHOLE  AND UNPEELED. (well, I guess you do have to cut the fruit into large chunks) and it pulverizes it into a smoothie.  There is no yucky leftover pulp like there is in a juicer---no waste and none of that cleanup.  And you get all of the fiber and nutrients which a juicer would leave for your trash can.

  I figured out the best deal.  (wanna hear it?)  Online it costs $119 +shipping.  Bed, Bath, and Beyond has it for $99.  And if you can get a hold of one of their 20%  off coupons it will bring the cost down to a smooth $79.  MUCH more manageable than $130 right???  And here's a secret.  If you can't find a coupon, go online to BB&B's website and sign up for their emails....and they will email you a 20% off coupon just for joining.  GREAT???  yeah, you betcha.

So today, that is my mission. I've already printed out my coupon.
My juicer has been relegated to the basement of late.  Too much mess and cleanup is too hard for me. (my juicer breaks down into no less than 8 pieces, all of which must be washed...just to squeeze one cup of juice.)  And yet I love smoothies and desperately want to drink/eat healthfully.  This will be an inestimable aid to my diet.

So you won't likely be hearing from me til I get back on Saturday.  UNLESS, I am in agony and am pacing the floor all night.  In which case I reserve the right to come on here and complain.

Have a great end of week!
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