Natalie Grant "More than Anything"

Monday, September 10, 2012


I've been increasingly unhappy with what I've been writing here.  I have less and less to say and struggle more and more to find ways to say what I do say.  Maybe it's writers' block.  Maybe it's LIFE block.  At any rate my plan is to abandon the blog for now and to try to write journals once again.  There are things I need to work out....and they should not be worked out online in full view of the world.  Maybe there will come a time when I will have worked out these inner issues and once more will have enlightening words to share.  Right now....and it makes me really sad to say this because this blog has been a major part of my life for four years... I need to take a look at myself and my life and work some things out in private.  I am sorry to leave those of you who have been a part of my life for so long.  If you are someone with whom I've extended my relationship past the blog...please keep in touch with me.

Blessings to you who've shared my life and thoughts.  Please keep me in your prayers.
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