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Friday, August 10, 2012

After a Miserable Night

I was up for the majority of the night.  You know those nights: bedclothes twisted into knots, either too hot or too cold, blankets on the floor....window open, window shut, AC on, AC off.  Fan on, Fan off.  I got up finally at 4:00 with a throbbing headache and under-eye bags down to my jawline.  Today I am going out.  I have an MD appointment and I really really wanted to look good today.  I wanted the doc to to look at me and say "You're looking great!" (or even "good"!)   I've lost some weight since I last saw him and really want him to notice that so I chose clothes with some care. Then to address that face that stared at me forlornly in the mirror.  My roots were a decided gray contrasting with the rest of my hair....SO I decided at 5:00 to touch them up.  So I did that and it was a decided improvement. (I'll bet YOU couldn't use the word "decided" 3X in one sentence!) Now to address those baggy eyes.  Between cucumber slices and concealer, they were less noticeable.

Then I put on my makeup.  I did my eyes a little differently than usual and at first thought it was going to look horrible....but when I finished I decided it wasn't too bad.  Here is the final result:

Why am I telling you all this?  Partly because I  have nothing else to talk about.  But also because this morning in my blog on Spark People, I'd made a list of nice things I could do for myself to make me feel better when I'm feeling badly.   Touching up my roots and taking care with my makeup were not on that list....but I think maybe they should have been.  My friend, Vicki, always says, "Look Good; Feel Good!"  I've argued with that at times.  Most of the time, honestly, I care very little about how I look.  But maybe it is more important than I've given it credit as being.

One thing that has made a big difference in my "self -care" is the purchase of some new makeup and a train box to keep it in and a set of makeup brushes.  It's like painting a picture!  So I've been having some fun with my makeup....and I've made the discovery of  ( and there you can find all kinds of good stuff for very little money.  Get on their email list and you will get tons of sales and special deals.

Too often, when I want to feel better--I head to the refrigerator and obviously, that is NOT a good option...ultimately it is self defeating.   Of course when I"m here by myself all day, it may not be necessary to get dressed up or wear makeup....but I needn't look like a total slob either.  And there are other good things I can do on those days: workout., drink LOTS of water, take a shower, go for a walk....

I hope this has given you a nudge or some ideas.  It is not necessary to be vain.  It is not necessary to put on makeup the second I roll out of bed....but well, I think it kind of does matter how I look and how I present myself.  Maybe my efforts to "Look good, feel better" today will lead to my having a better day than my night last night.  I certainly hope so.
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