How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where to Go from Here?

Little sleep.
Much fear.
No where to go.
alone and not

No one can help
every option tried.
Nothing is good
Tired tired tired of spending every day and night alone

walking through my house
saying good bye to things I may no longer have.
feeling like it's an ending to
"Life as you know it"

Someone suggested a group home.
Been there done that.
It sounds somewhat better now.
Now that I know I have sz and am not "above that"

My useless pointlessness is unmasked
no more pretending to be normal.
It is not a setback
It is what it is.

I am what I am.
I would not be so alone.
I would not be disappointing expectations

I want to be around those who know
I don't want to fail.expectations.
hospitals are not options or solutions
Not for me...Now.

Maybe it's time.

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