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Monday, October 10, 2011

The "I Shoulds" : My Privately Avoided Issues

At any given moment, I like most people have a list of "I should's" hanging over my head like over-ripe fruit just ready to plunk down on me at any moment like the ignored obligation that they are.  Some of the things on my list are pretty stinking important ...and have been ignored for way too long now.  Such as: my laptop...which is completely DEAD and which is under warranty.  I need to call the nice Dell-folk in India and deal with the cultural and linguistic anomalies which that inherently entails if I am ever to have a working computer again.  My shoulder replacement looms over my head...I will be NEEDING that laptop; even more desperately than I do now and if I don't get on the ball, it will be another year of Sunday's before that happens.

The other thing I NEED to take care of is my Zune mp3 player, which has been dead for a number of months now.  If anyone who knows me can imagine...I"ve gone without my brain-numbing tunz for that long... and lived to tell about it!  That, my friend, is a miracle right there.  But enough is enough.  Especially without my laptop with which to listen to my collection; I am suffering the sounds of silence...which for me are NEVER silent...but filled with my Voices and others intercranial aberrations, the likes of which I should be more than happy to drown out once again.--even at the peril of my hearing.  And I do believe that all my Zune is lacking is a battery. (the current one having been fried by it's recent baptism in the toilet waters of my bathroom :). So hopefully, all this should entail is a visit to Best Buy to see if I'm fortunate enough to have found someone able to service this unit...and a bit of the green stuff with which to grease their palms...and I should be once more crankin' those blissful, emotion - altering bits of computer chip content which can lull my troubled mind once more into submission...or at least distract it from more dangerous lines of pursuit.

And the other thing I need to attend to is my wheelchair.  My daughter and her boyfriend took me to a large mall about an hour and a half away from my mountain home last Thursday for a day of respite from boredom.  We were happily tooling along through said mall when suddenly bits of metal began to fly from my chair  like  mice abandoning a sinking craft.  We picked them each up and pocketed them, being unsure of where they really were coming from , until my front wheel suddenly divorced itself from my chariot...and left me leaning precariously and rather ridiculously, I do say; immobilized and feeling foolish...until my boyfriend-in-law (!), reattached the nut temporarily to the wheel and once again we were rolling.  Needless to say, this needs the attention of the company from whom I'm 'renting-to-buy' this maimed craft.  I really do hope they can come up with a chair less than25 years old with which to present me, as I'm sure they are charging my hapless (another !!) insurance company tons of good money for my privilege of owning such a piece of 'high -tech equipment'.

I have, perhaps, an inordinate distaste for dealing with customer service/technical support/ repair folk types than do most.  Maybe this is just a blip in my personality...or maybe it is a consequence of my illness: a huge reticence in speaking with strangers in general.  I do not even much like speaking with people I know, so to have to speak with a stranger-type and to try to get the words out in the right order in some semblance of sense, scares me to death.  And perhaps because my "skill" at doing so (or lack thereof ) has been dutifully noted and pointed out by my loving spouse...I am even more hesitant to make a fool out of myself.  My thoughts tend to go south and north at the same time with my mouth being the unfortunate point of convergence of the two.  So this is the most likely reason I can come up with for my forestalling such items that would ostensibly benefit me should I attend to them.

...Just a quickie glimpse into  the neglected waters of "Cynthia's Should-dom"...Do you have your own list of privately avoided duties such as mine?  Please comment and tell me that I'm not the only one!
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