How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lunar Affinity


My husband and I were getting the mail at the office of our community last night and as we turned into the office parking lot we were accosted and held captive by the incredible HUGE glowing orb hanging close to the horizon. It was
slightly reddish orange and simply amazing.

With frustration I said, "OH I wish I had my camera!" and with no small joy suddenly bolted upright in the car and said "OH WAIT! I DO!!!" and, finding it, left the car and went in search of the best angle. There were trees obscuring it from every angle, but I sort of think they add to the picture rather than detract.

I love the moon and have a very strong affinity for it. After all. My first name MEANs "moon goddess" being one of the alternate names for Artemis, the Goddess of the Moon in ancient mythology. (betcha didn't know that did you??) But I think that it is more than awesome to have a God of the Moon...and of the Sun ...and of the earth and everything in it all wrapped up in the ONE God, Yahweh and the threesome of whom he consists. I think that the moon is one of his most beautiful creations...and the most fascinating. (but that's just my opinion, obviously).

Anyway, here is a picture of the "Super Moon" ...the moon is the closest to the earth that it has been in 19 years...Enjoy it!
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