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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

adDressing Problems

No, the "typo" in the title was no mistake. It refers to the fact that this hospital stay has actually been focusing on three different problems. One is the one I was admitted for: asthma; the next was something that came up a few weeks ago, but went undiscovered until now. That one is called "hyponatremia": or low sodium levels in the blood. It turned up in my bloodwork and, undetected, it can lead to kidney disease, mental retardation, and other things no one wants or needs. It's symptoms are things that have been making my life miserable, but which were myterious to me and, other than complaining once or twice about a persistent and sometimes very bad, headache, went unmentioned to anyone. They included achiness, flulike symptoms, swollen ankles, diminised urination, weakness and general malaise. I just chalked them up to left over depression and side effects of meds and ignored them. Turns out they were all caused by one of my medications. The kidney specialist who was called on to my case here, adjusted the levels of medication and the problems are receding and the sodium levels are returning to better levels.

The third problem that has been addressed is one in which I recognized my need, but because of the way my insurance was set up, was prevented financially from getting it met. I was in desperate need of some Occupational Therapy training and equipment to assist me in getting dressed and getting my shoes and socks on due to increasing disability from my several types of arthritis. As I await bi-lateral hip replacements which are pending, the problems are increasingly severe and troubling. Thankfully God had me think to mention this to my MD and he ordered a visit from the inpatient OT who has set me up with the equipment that I need and some exercises to continue with at home. This is such a blessing to me. Every morning prior to coming here, I had to beg God to somehow help me get dressed so that I would not have to ask my daughter or husband. And He has used a surprising (as is usual for Him) way of answering that prayer.

As for the breathing: it is slowly improving. I feel deceptively well while laying in bed...even this morning, for a while, taking off my O2. However, in my ambition this morning to smell better, I finally got permission to shower, and there discovered my limitations. I survived the shower, but just. And had to rest a bit, with the O2 back on and leave the cleanup to one of the aides. But altogether, am doing better, I think.

I even slept for a LONG time last night, which was desperately needed. So today, on my 20th anniversary of marriage to my one and only husband, all is looking well...except that I won't be able to see him today as he has to work for ten hours and then hurry home to our daughter who is lonely today on school holiday by herself.
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