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Monday, August 10, 2009

Seeds of Choice

Funny how God ties things into packages in our minds... Takes a sentence here, a paragraph there, a Scripture passage, a comment, a blog, an incident.... and weaves a tapestry of meaning for us. People often are in doubt as to how to hear God's voice and how to know it is Him speaking. For me, this question is difficult to understand.... He is really pretty persistent when He wants to make a point. He will say it in a thousand ways...each time adding a new dimension to our understanding until we finally "get it." But getting it is only half the battle... and this aspect of my line of thought here, is precisely the package God has been handing me to open and use.
Once we understand what God is telling us, we then have to act on it - or make a decision based on that information which will have a huge impact on our future path. So many times, even this morning: I saw the signs, heard the bells and alarms....and chose wrongly. Sometimes we can try to brush these failures under the rug, thinking that it was a small mistake and no one will ever notice and it will not have an effect on our tomorrow... but God has shown me just today, that, as the Bible says, "sin is crouching at your door, it longs to have you." Give an inch and before you know it, you are miles away from where you know you should be...and truly want to be. And sometimes those miles are irretrievable. You cannot trace your path back and undo what you've done.
I chose this picture of the milkweed to accompany this post because it reminds me of myself.... Intricately and beautifully designed...with many seeds of potential...yet so fragile that a puff of wind can send those seeds and scatter them in all directions. I cannot forget my fragility... I cannot think myself independent of my Designer. And when the wind comes, I need to lean hard on Him to guide where my seeds land.
Listen. Hear. Trust. Obey.
It really is not complicated, but without the Trust, it is impossible.
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